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Seventy-One Days Away, But Now We’re Back

Our latest jaunt began April 27 with a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and it ended 71 days later with a flight from Los Angeles, California to El Paso, Texas. Along the way we took a transatlantic cruise to Spain, a back-to-back follow-on cruise in the Mediterranean to destinations in both France and Spain, a four-night stay in Germany, two nights in the Netherlands, and then three 12-night back-to-back cruises before flying back for a night in Los Angeles.

The Transatlantic adventure aboard Royal Caribbean’s smallish (78,491 gross tonnage/2,050 double-occupancy passenger capacity) Vision of the Seas allowed me to play a lot of bridge as we had seven days at sea before reaching the Canary Islands, and an additional two sea days before making port in Barcelona. The eight-day Vision follow-on took us to seldom visited ports of call such as Carcassonne (Sete), Toulon, and Corsica in France; followed by the Spanish ports of Ibiza, Cartagena, and Valencia.

Our three Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas (slightly larger at 90,090 GT/2,191 double-occupancy) back-to-backs included Iceland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland; followed by destinations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales; and finishing off with six ports in Norway. That last voyage took us well north of the Arctic Circle where, during our time there, the sun never set. The farthest north we ventured was 71º 10′ 21″ North latitude, the northernmost point of the continent of Europe and a mere 144 miles/232 kilometers from the closest point to the resurgent Evil Empire that does not deserve mention. You may recall that back in March I pulled all articles on destinations to that deplorable nation.

All in all, not a bad trip save for one completely disappointing city, which I described to you in this recent well-deserved rant: Trashy Amsterdam and the Hellhole of Schipol. You just know the wheels went completely off the rails when I take time away during travels to produce an unscheduled PSA.

At any rate, I’ll be presenting this series shortly after the conclusion of my series on cruising the Southern Caribbean. I’ve not decided yet, but I may run a week of firearms articles between the two series. If I do, that series of three articles will feature a bevy of fun little Berettas — a 21A Bobcat in .22 LR made in 1986, a nifty .25 ACP/6.35mm 950 BS Jetfire manufactured sometime between 1978 and 1986 (I haven’t been able to narrow it down beyond that; hopefully a more knowledgeable reader can solve the mystery for me), and a .380 ACP/9mm kurz 84B Cheetah in remarkable condition dating back to 1982. The 950 should be a particularly fun article, as it is one of two candidates for the unspecified “very flat .25 Beretta automatic with a skeleton grip” Ian Fleming’s fictional spy James Bond used in the first five novels — Casino Royale; Live and Let Die; Moonraker; Diamonds Are Forever; and From Russia, with Love. Of course, we all know what replaced that diminutive “lady’s gun” Beretta, now don’t we.

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Fun Photo Friday — Iceland; Akureyri Favorites 5

Cruising Eyjafjörður

A last look at Iceland before Vision of the Seas continues on our transatlantic crossing. Next stop: St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Eyjafjörður Calm

Photo-Bombing Trolls

Reindeer Hotdogs — Hotreins?

Vision and Sculpture

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Transatlantic — Iceland; Walking Akureyri

Vision of the Seas in Eyjafjörður (Island Fjord)

Well, so far, I’ve shown you pretty much everything within a couple hours of Akureyri except for Akureyri itself. That changes today. Most of the photographs you’ll see on our walking tour of Akureyri were taken on Hafnarstræti, which is were most the action seemed to be.


Starting at the corner of Kaupvangsstræti (Shopping Street), near the Akureyrarkirkja, we’ll work our way northward along Hafnarstræti (Port Street) starting with this striking blue building topped with red spires:

Akureyri, Iceland

Next up was this olive green building housing the Geysir clothing store and the Illy Café:

Akureyri, Iceland

There are several bars, restaurants, and cafés located on this pedestrian street. One bright example is the charming Indian Curry Hut:

Indian Curry Hut

Ursula made sure we stopped at least once at an Icelandic clothing store, and Icewear got the nod:

Coats for sale at Icewear, Akureyri

Another nearby Akureyri street scene:

Akureyri, Iceland

Notice the trolls to the left of the photo above? Here they are close up and personal:

Akureyri Trolls

Across the street from the trolls, beyond a stand selling reindeer hotdogs (yes we tried them; overrated and not appreciably different in taste from regular hotdogs) and sitting on a hill is the Kaffi Ilmur coffee shop, which looked to be pretty popular with the locals:

Kaffi Ilmur coffee house

Just a little beyond that is the Ráðhústorg, or Town Square, which is round rather than square:

Ráðhústorg (Town Square) Akureyri, Iceland

Hanging a right at the Ráðhústorg, and another right onto Skipagata, we quickly came upon a place where we decided to break for lunch. This was Akureyri Fish & Chips. Alas, I didn’t take photos here, but both Ursula and I agree that it was quite good. After a late lunch we started back toward Vision of the Seas, coming across this interesting sign with highlights of Iceland:

Map of Iceland features

After which we were back alongside the port for Akureyri in Eyjafjörður (Island Fjord):

Akureyri boats on Eyjafjörður

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