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Fun Photo Friday — Iceland; Akureyri Favorites 5

Cruising Eyjafjörður

A last look at Iceland before Vision of the Seas continues on our transatlantic crossing. Next stop: St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Eyjafjörður Calm

Photo-Bombing Trolls

Reindeer Hotdogs — Hotreins?

Vision and Sculpture

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Transatlantic — Iceland; Walking Akureyri

Vision of the Seas in Eyjafjörður (Island Fjord)

Well, so far, I’ve shown you pretty much everything within a couple hours of Akureyri except for Akureyri itself. That changes today. Most of the photographs you’ll see on our walking tour of Akureyri were taken on Hafnarstræti, which is were most the action seemed to be.


Starting at the corner of Kaupvangsstræti (Shopping Street), near the Akureyrarkirkja, we’ll work our way northward along Hafnarstræti (Port Street) starting with this striking blue building topped with red spires:

Akureyri, Iceland

Next up was this olive green building housing the Geysir clothing store and the Illy Café:

Akureyri, Iceland

There are several bars, restaurants, and cafés located on this pedestrian street. One bright example is the charming Indian Curry Hut:

Indian Curry Hut

Ursula made sure we stopped at least once at an Icelandic clothing store, and Icewear got the nod:

Coats for sale at Icewear, Akureyri

Another nearby Akureyri street scene:

Akureyri, Iceland

Notice the trolls to the left of the photo above? Here they are close up and personal:

Akureyri Trolls

Across the street from the trolls, beyond a stand selling reindeer hotdogs (yes we tried them; overrated and not appreciably different in taste from regular hotdogs) and sitting on a hill is the Kaffi Ilmur coffee shop, which looked to be pretty popular with the locals:

Kaffi Ilmur coffee house

Just a little beyond that is the Ráðhústorg, or Town Square, which is round rather than square:

Ráðhústorg (Town Square) Akureyri, Iceland

Hanging a right at the Ráðhústorg, and another right onto Skipagata, we quickly came upon a place where we decided to break for lunch. This was Akureyri Fish & Chips. Alas, I didn’t take photos here, but both Ursula and I agree that it was quite good. After a late lunch we started back toward Vision of the Seas, coming across this interesting sign with highlights of Iceland:

Map of Iceland features

After which we were back alongside the port for Akureyri in Eyjafjörður (Island Fjord):

Akureyri boats on Eyjafjörður

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Transatlantic — Iceland; Saurbæjarkirkja


Well into 19th century it was common in Iceland to build community churches using stone walls and thick turf roofs. While once commonplace, today only half a dozen such structures still remain throughout the country. Saurbæjarkirkja is one of those:


Saurbæjarkirkja is directly behind the Museum of Sundry Objects, which I showed you a couple of weeks ago. It’s about five minutes’ walk from the museum, and well worth the stroll up the hill.

Saurbæjarkirkja and nearby hills

In the church yard is a cemetery:

Saurbæjarkirkja Cemetery

Saurbæjarkirkja headstone

The church interior is rustic, with a lot of rich wood. But pay particular attention to the detail in the wooden ceiling holding up the turf roof:

Inside Saurbæjarkirkja

Saurbæjarkirkja appears to be situated on farmland, as it sits mere meters away from this farm house and associated structures:

Saurbæjarkirkja (left); farm house and structures (right)

Stable next to Saurbæjarkirkja

Make sure on your visit to glance around at the surrounding hills:

Saurbæjarkirkja area hills

Saurbæjarkirkja area

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