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Ecuador — The Amazon River Basin and la Casa del Suizo

Rio Napo overlook at Casa del Suizo

Passing down into the Amazon Basin we left Highway 30 and headed north on Highway 45 (Troncal Amazónica—Amazon Trunk). Turning onto 436 just south of Tena we headed west along the Rio Napo until the road ran out. But our trip this day was not yet over. We still had a ways to go to our lodgings for the night. So, into the river boats we went for the final leg on this Amazon tributary.

Riding the Rio Napo to our lodgings

It took several boats to accommodate our group.

Rio Napo, a tributary to the Amazon

Our destination for the day was a marvelous resort built by a gentleman originally from Interlaken, Switzerland — Arnold “Beni” Ammeter. This is la Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge, where we lazed about in the pavilion while our rooms were assigned and our dinners readied.

Casa del Suizo pavilion and bar

La Casa del Suizo pavilion and bar

While my fellow travelers imbibed I decided to take a gander at the common areas of the resort, starting with the views perched above the Rio Napo.

Rio Napo overlook at Casa del Suizo

Here are the common areas of this luxurious resort:

La Casa del Suizo dining room

La Casa del Suizo pool palapas

The grounds to the lodgings are equally as picturesque and impressive.

La Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge

La Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge



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Breaking the 10,000 Barrier — 10,068 and counting

Just a tad under two years ago I posted my first YouTube video.  That would be my demonstration on spin-cocking a Rossi Ranch Hand and a full-size clone of the Winchester Model 1892, also made by Rossi and converted for me by the late Mike DiMuzio.  That video hasn’t exactly “gone viral”, but it hasn’t done badly, either.  Today it surpassed 10,000 views.  Here’s that video:

For information on the Rifleman’s Rifle and the television show that inspired this video, see:

And for a video on the history of spin-cocking in Hollywood, with scenes from the classic television series The Rifleman, see:


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One Last Glimpse of Alaska and Her Glaciers

Today I present my longest (10:45) and most ambitious video to date.  In order you’ll see:

  • 0:20 Mark — Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay, includes:
    • An impressive ice calving event at the 1:50 mark and another at 2:02
  • 2:15 Mark — Images of the Norwegian Sun transiting Glacier Bay with additional glaciers
  • 3:42 Mark — Norwegian Sun’s sunset transit past the majestic mountains of Wrangell – St. Elias National Park with stunning images of snow-capped mountains bathed in the reddish glow of a setting sun
  • 4:22 Mark — Hubbard Glacier, includes:
    • A column of ice probably close to 200 feet/60 meters tall breaking off from the glacier and crashing into Disenchantment Bay at 6:18
  • 8:20 Mark — Portage Glacier

Beginning next week I’ll return to our Chile-to-Los Angeles cruise.  You’ll recall we got sidetracked with Alaska following my presentation of the Costa Rican jungle.  We’ll take up with our next stop on that voyage — Nicaragua.

As for this week’s remaining blog post, it’s a Fun Firearm Friday with a look at another historic firearm.

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