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Fun Photo Friday — Bar Harbor Part 2

Cottage Street Signage

A last look at Bar Harbor before sailing away to Portland, Maine:

Lobster Traps

Bar Island Colors


Reds and Greens


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Fall Foliage Cruise — Lunch at Paddy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Bar Harbor

Where lobster rolls come from

It was time for lunch, so I took Ursula over to Paddy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (click here for menu)for the best lobster roll we experienced over the course of this entire cruise. Yes, it was a bit pricey at about $25, but the amount of lobster meat piled onto the roll made it a bargain.

Paddy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, corner of Main and West

A good Irish pub has good Irish beers, and Paddy’s had my favorite. I’m not talking Guinness here, but rather Smithwick’s (pronounced Smitt-icks) Irish red ale:

My favorite Irish brew — Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale

Inside, Paddy’s has one main bar area and two restaurant areas:

Paddy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Paddy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

So, let’s take a look at one of those delectable lobster rolls:

Paddy’s lobster roll (Ursula’s)

No pictured, because it disappeared too quickly, is a must-try dessert — Paddy’s wild Maine blueberry pie, a smallish tart featuring a flaky crust, a nicely tart lemon curd, and Maine blueberries, served with a side of vanilla ice cream.


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Fall Foliage Cruise — Cottage Street and the Harbor, Bar Harbor

Tall ships anchored off Bar Harbor

As pretty as Bar Harbor’s Main Street is, there is another street nearly as photogenic. This is Cottage Street, which intersects with Main midway between the marina and the Village Green. Unfortunately, as this street runs east-west, the south side of the street is forever in shade:

Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

But let’s swing around and catch these colorful buildings:

Cottage Street Pub (right) and the Rock & Art Shop

But that doesn’t stop the other side from shining brightly. This is the Criterion Theatre, which dates back to 1932 and is currently used for live play productions:

1932 Criterion Theatre

Let’s head back east and look at what’s sandwiched between that pub and art store. This is the charming Route 66 Restaurant:

Route Restaurant, which is nowhere near the old Route 66

This is one brightly colored set of buildings:

Route 66 and Cottage Street Pub

At 15 Cottage street you can step into the courtyard pictured below, then hang a right and come out on Main Street next to Tesla’s:

A Little Mad Island Shop & Gallery

On Wednesday we’ll take in lunch and the best lobster roll of our entire trip. Until then, let’s look at what awaits near the marina:

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

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