Fun Photo Friday — Mediterranean 2022; Corsica Favorites Part 2

Napoleon misplaced his hat?

Today is Part 2 of 3 Fun Photo Friday favorites of Corsica. Next week we return to Corsica for a tour of Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta (Monday) and a pass by Napoleon’s childhood home. Until then:

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Mediterranean Cruise 2022 — Walking the Streets of Ajaccio, Corsica

It was approaching 12:30 p.m. when our bus arrived back into Ajaccio. We would soon return to our pickup point just outside the cruise terminal. In the background above and in the photo below you can see our competition that day for resources, NCL’s Epic (for more on this ship, see: Fun Photo Friday — Epic photos of an Epic ship). The Epic is a nice ship, but we were not happy to see her in port this day. Her passengers outnumbered us by several thousand, and she stole our berth, which required us to tender into port.

Epic (left) and our Vision of the Seas (in the distance)

A few minutes later and we were strolling the tree-lined Av. Antoine Serafini:

Place Foch sandwiched between Av. Antoine Serafini

At the west end of Place Foch, which is a plaza ringed by Av. Antoine Serafini, is Statua di Napoleone, a native son of Ajaccio, Corsica. The statue depicts Napoleon as a Roman emperor.

Statua di Napoleone (Statue of Napoleon)

Continuing west, the two plaza-ringing branches of Av. Antoine Serafini merge together to become Av. du Premier Consul:

Av. Antoine Serafini merging to become Av. Premier Consul

You may recall from last week a photo of this area taken from our arrival into port aboard Vision of the Seas. In that photo was what appeared to be a large crown. Well, that crown turned out to be a large light display, and here it is close up:

Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Turn south and follow Av. Eugène Macchini to find this additional small park-like outdoor dining area adjacent to Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta (the topic of next Monday’s article):

Av. Eugène Macchini

Now let’s just wander around as we head slowly back to the east:

Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajaccio pedestrian street scene

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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Mediterranean Cruise 2022 — More Bus Touring Back Into Ajaccio, Corsica

Our bus took us as far as Torra de a Parata, where we could see in the distance the Phare des Îles Sanguinaires (Sanguinaires Islands Lighthouse). After that we turned around and headed back into Ajaccio, hugging the coast along highway D111 the whole way. Today I’m going to let the beaches and other sights do the talking for me, as there’s not a whole lot to say but there is much to see. It was almost nonstop beaches the entire way. On Wednesday I’ll get a bit more descriptive as we leave the bus and head into town on foot. Until then:

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