Fun Photo Friday — Stavanger Favorites 1

Cacophony of Colors

Here is part one of two featuring Stavanger Fun Photo Friday favorites:

Green Anchors is the Place to Be; Fjiord Living is the Live for Me

Visions of Moorings

Colorful Debris


Stopping for Strawberry Waffles


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Transatlantic — Stavanger; Touring Lysefjord


Ursula had us booked on a boat tour departing Stavanger for the nearby Lysefjord. Lysefjord is a 26-mile/42-kilometer-long fjiord located about 16 miles/25 kilometers southeast of Stavanger.


But along the way to the entrance of Lysefiord, be prepared to snap some interesting islands and houses with boat barns:



Just shy of a kilometer into the mouth of Lysefjiord is a rather unique building that looks as if it’s sinking into the ground. This is the Lysefjiordsenteret, a restaurant with a private quay (wharf):


And just beyond that is the picturesque Lysefjiord Hyttegrend (campground):

Lysefjord Hyttegrend

About fifteen to twenty minutes beyond this point the terrain begins to change:




So start panning upward to enjoy the views:



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How is El Paso holding up since the white supremacist attack?

I went to my favorite El Paso local gun store today. Almost no .380 ACPs left. Nearly empty cases once filled with Glocks, Walthers, and SIGs.

S&W SW99 in .45 ACP; Walther P99c AS in 9mm

Elsewhere across town, concealed carry courses are sold out, and additional classes are being added.

Colt Government Models in .45 ACP and .38 Super +P

The next white supremacist piece of garbage coming here is going to be in for a rude awakening.

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