Post Cruise — Lunch at Crabby’s Bar & Grill in Clearwater

Crabby’s Dockside

Time for a late lunch along Causeway Boulevard at Crabby’s Dockside. That 37 Causeway Blvd. address is actually a bit misleading. The restaurant is more easily approached from Coronado Drive.

One look at the menu sold us:

Crabby's Dockside lunch 10-21-2019 4-29-16 PM

Crabby’s menu

Alas, the air conditioned spaces had a wait, so we went up to the open air third floor deck:

Crabby’s open-air dining on the upper deck

Despite the warmth of the day, and the touch of humidity, we enjoyed both the meal and the views:

View from Crabby’s upper deck

Ursula opted for one of her favorites, the stuffed flounder:

Ursula about to dive in to her stuffed flounder

It was rather tasty, and came with a choice of two sides. For this Ursula chose the coleslaw and the mashed potatoes:

Ursula’s stuffed flounder — Yummy!

I went with the fried grouper and shrimp, and I paired those with slaw and fries:

Grouper and shrimp for me

Let’s take a last look at Crabby’s from the Coronado Drive approach:

Crabby’s Dockside as approached from Coronado Drive


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Post Cruise — Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

After Ursula and I disembarked from Adventure of the Seas, we rented a car and headed west from Fort Lauderdale along U.S. Route 41. This drive takes you through the Everglades, and this segment of U.S. 41 is designated a National Scenic Byway. It’s a drive we’ve taken before, and it never gets old.

Clearwater Beach

Our destination on this part of our Florida road trip was a great little place we’d stayed before — the charming ‘Tween Waters Island Resort on picturesque Captiva Island. Unfortunately the cottages were not available to us, so we stayed in one of the guest rooms. Not a total disappointment, but we much prefer the cottage experience from our previous stay.

Captain Memo’s pirate ship makes for a fun photo

So, why am I showing instead photos of Clearwater Beach? Because that was the next day’s destination, and I didn’t take photographs during our stay at Captiva. Miserable weather didn’t help.

Clearwater Beach

So, the next day we took a leisurely drive along the coast up to Clearwater, which we would initially bypass to get to our hotel accommodation (next week’s articles).

Clearwater Beach umbrellas

Clearwater Beach offered up much better weather, as well as some colorful photographic opportunities. Dining wasn’t bad here, either, as you’ll see on Wednesday. Until then, a few more images for Clearwater Beach:

Setting sun at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

Another fun Captain Memo photograph

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Fun Photo Friday — Kennedy Space Center Favorites 1

John F. Kennedy in Granite

Today concludes my series on our cruise aboard the Adventure of the Seas. We began this journey experiencing the fall foliage of Eastern Canada and New England, then repositioned southward to Florida. Beginning next week we rent a car and drive over to Clearwater, Florida, followed by a stay at a very special historic hotel. Until then, enjoy this week’s Fun Photo Friday:

The Mercury 7 Plus 1

Mercury Atlas and Gemini Titan II

Mercury Atlas and Mercury Redstone

Mercury Redstone Points the Way

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