Ecuador — More on Casa del Suizo; into Ahuano

Casa del Suizo

You’d be hard pressed looking at the photos below of la Casa del Suizo to place this resort anywhere beyond a major resort area in the Caribbean, but this is in the depths of a rainforest in the Amazon Basin. The amenities here are first-rate.

Casa del Suizo pool

The grounds are spectacular:

Casa del Suizo lodgings

The gardens are beautiful.

Flowers at Casa del Suizo

The rooms are roomy, comfortable, and ours at least had quite the view.

Casa del Suizo suite

Rio Napo view

The pool, pavilion/bar, and dining common areas are simply magnificent.

Casa del Suizo

Just beyond the grounds of la Casa del Suizo lies the colorful, quaint Quechua village of Ahuano. The Quechua people are indigenous to Ecuador and its neighbors. And while the streets may be unpaved, don’t think that modern amenities have yet to hit Anuano. Internet cafés, drinkable water, bars, and nightclubs have sprung up. There’s even a karaoke establishment.

Karaoke, anyone?

This next establishment was quite a surprise in that it contained souvenir offerings such as blowguns and darts. It was also quite odd seeing in front of it a manhole built into an unpaved road.

Ahuano souvenir shop, complete with blowguns and darts

Some of the homes were very picturesque in color. Even the rusty roof below added to the ambiance.

Colorful Ahuano home



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Fun Photo Friday — Cuy, Waterfalls, and the Amazon Basin

Mountains, Mist and Water

Some favorite images of this week’s subject blog articles:

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Ecuador — The Amazon River Basin and la Casa del Suizo

Rio Napo overlook at Casa del Suizo

Passing down into the Amazon Basin we left Highway 30 and headed north on Highway 45 (Troncal Amazónica—Amazon Trunk). Turning onto 436 just south of Tena we headed west along the Rio Napo until the road ran out. But our trip this day was not yet over. We still had a ways to go to our lodgings for the night. So, into the river boats we went for the final leg on this Amazon tributary.

Riding the Rio Napo to our lodgings

It took several boats to accommodate our group.

Rio Napo, a tributary to the Amazon

Our destination for the day was a marvelous resort built by a gentleman originally from Interlaken, Switzerland — Arnold “Beni” Ammeter. This is la Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge, where we lazed about in the pavilion while our rooms were assigned and our dinners readied.

Casa del Suizo pavilion and bar

La Casa del Suizo pavilion and bar

While my fellow travelers imbibed I decided to take a gander at the common areas of the resort, starting with the views perched above the Rio Napo.

Rio Napo overlook at Casa del Suizo

Here are the common areas of this luxurious resort:

La Casa del Suizo dining room

La Casa del Suizo pool palapas

The grounds to the lodgings are equally as picturesque and impressive.

La Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge

La Casa del Suizo Rainforest Eco-Lodge


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