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Circumnavigating Australia — Esperance

Esperance Clock Tower — by the jetty

We arrived to our next destination on February 27, but here we had to tender in from Radiance of the Seas. This week we will take a look at this destination, Esperance, Western Australia, which is situated along the southwest shore of the Great Australian Bight.

Everything was just ducky at the Miniature Railway

On this port we once again had a tour planned, and we met up with our tour guide just outside the tender jetty area. Spots of interest on this van tour included the Pink Lake (no longer pink), Rotary Lookout, and numerous nearby beaches. many of which were named from their mileage from Esperance (for example: “11 Mile Beach). But first we had to walk a bit from the jetty, during which we passed this charming miniature railway:

Train station for the Esperance Miniature Railway

One of the stops we made on this tour was the Rotary Lookout high above Esperance and the surrounding areas. Here’s a view of West Beach:

View of West Beach from Rotary Lookout

While we were up here, Ursula asked to take a photograph of your favorite mystery author, and here it is (not my best angle):

Me hanging out at the Rotary Lookout

Now, I’m a huge fan of old English cars. I particularly love the cars from the ’60s and ‘702 heyday of English automotive design and technology, back when the English car industry led the world in unreliability, defective Lucas electrical systems, and the like. Indeed, from this era I’ve owned three such vehicles — 1977 MGB, 1972 Triumph TR6, and an Aston Martin DB6 — all of which I positively loved. Why bring this up? Here’s why, as seen from Rotary Lookout:

Rover 3-Litre P5 Mk III

What you’re looking at is a classic Rover 3-Litre P5 Mk III from the mid-’60s. This beauty was in pristine condition, and I simply could not resist drooling over it. This particular example even came with Rostyle wheels, which were the same style of wheels that were original equipment on my old MGB.

Rover 3-Litre P5 Mk III

On Wednesday we’ll look at Pink Lake and tour some of the beaches we encountered on this tour. As for now, I’m going to skip ahead to the end of the tour for a look at the town of Esperance itself with these final two images:

“The Book Box” — a former train station

“Our Heroic Dead” 1939-1945


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Fun Photo Friday — Circumnavigating Australia; Perth Favorites


Today’s Fun Photo Friday favorites of Fremantle and Kings Park:

Chillin’ on a Bench at the Beach

State War Memorial Cenotaph

Of Palms and Pines

Busy Bee

The Flame of Remembrance

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Circumnavigating Australia — Perth; Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Perth and Perth Water

Today we’re visiting a park just west southwest of Perth, called the Pearl of Australia’. Unfortunately, we didn’t get into the city itself, but we did get some great views from an overlook:

View of Perth (Elizabeth Quay) from Kings Park

This scenic vantage point is quite the place to visit. It is the 900-acre/400.6 hectare Kings Park and Botanical Garden:

Kings Park and Botanical Garden

The skies this day were quite interesting, with parallel formations of cumulus forming like waves heading into shore:

Waves of clouds

We were greeted by some friendly fauna, as well:

Who, me?

The gardens here are quite impressive:

Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Nestled within the garden is a solitary memorial erected in 1920 honoring those of the Jewish faith who lost their lives during The Great War (World War I)

Another Kings Park “In Memoriam” for soldiers of the Jewish faith

There is however another memorial, much larger. This is the State War Memorial atop Mount Eliza, and it is from here that one enjoys the overlook of Perth and Perth Water (a portion of Swan River). At this site is a 59-foot/18-meter tall Cenotaph:

State War Memorial Cenotaph obelisk

Affixed to the Cenotaph is the ANZAC Bluff Commemorative Plaque dedicated to the, ” . . .2,500 men of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps known as ANZAC, who lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915″:

ANZAC Bluff Commemorative; State War Memorial, Kings Park

Here there is also a Pool of Reflection centered around a Flame of Remembrance:

Flame of Remembrance in the Pool of Reflection

I’ll leave you today with one more botanical image:

Kings Park and Botanical Garden


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