Upcoming Books

Coming: The Ian Drake Series:

  • An On-Time Deparure
  • And The Games Begin
  • Grand Slam

6 responses to “Upcoming Books

  1. Carol Ginty

    Yay!!!!! Ian Drake. You’ve got to let me know when they are available!!!!

  2. Well, Carol, I’m certainly pleased that you remember these from our El Paso Manuscript Club readings all those many years ago. I’ll definitely let you know when they come out.

    Good seeing you at the Plaza a few weeks ago. How did you enjoy Spamalot?

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  5. Linda

    Hi Doug – What is the status of Ian Drake Series?

  6. Need to get back to work on it. I started a rewrite of book one last year, then got sidetracked with finishing The Globe.

    If you’d like an interesting story on Book Two of the Ian Drake series, check out this link:


    Thanks for asking, Linda.

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