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Baltic Cruise — Gdańsk; St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church

Today I present to you the marvelous interior of St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk. Formerly named Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this Roman Catholic church is indeed a basilica, and has been since it was elevated to that status in 1965. Construction of the current structure began in 1343, but would not be completed for 159 years.

St. Mary’s Church

Within the church is an intricate and unique clock that was built over a six-year period beginning in 1464. This is the six-faced Gdańsk astronomical clock, and it is sophisticated enough to announce the time of day, the date, the zodiacal location of both the moon and the sun, and the calendar of saints.

Gdańsk astronomical clock

The Gdańsk astronomical clock stands 14 meters/46 feet in height, making it at the time the largest in the world. Among current wooden clocks, it may still hold the size record. Each hour, Adam and Eve let you know the time by striking the bells at the top:

Bell ringers Adam & Eve

Now for more interior views:



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Fun Photo Friday — Gdańsk Favorites 2


Guardians of the Window

Tempus Fugit

Westerplatte Memorial

Decorative Downspout

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Baltic Cruise — Gdańsk Lunch


Touring on foot around Gdańsk, Poland is a lot of fun.


The buildings are colorful, the streets charming, and the architectural details photogenic:



But eventually you’re going to need to stop and refuel. So let’s take a look at some typical Polish dining fare, beginning with pierogi (not to be confused with Russian piroshki — my recipe for that here: Fun Food Friday — Piroshki ). Pierogi is similar to a Chinese dumpling, but in this case the filling is usually a savory meat concoction, fish (such as salmon), spinach, cheese, or even potato when served as a main course:


In addition to dipping sauces for savory pierogi, somepierogi may instead come with a citrus squeeze:


Pierogi is often accompanied by different kielbasas, sauteed onion, and rustic bread:

Pierogi and kielbasa

Another traditional Polish dish is zupa ziemniaczana, typically a watery yet tasty potato soup. The one we had this day was a bit creamier than usual, and it was served in a bread bowl:

Zupa Ziemniaczana (potato soup)

And what would a Polish lunch be without a Polish beer to wash it down? This one is a Tyskie:

Tyskie beer

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