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Fun Photo Friday — 54 Days at Sea, Saint-Tropez and Port Grimaud Favorites

The Bicycle

As I noted Wednesday, Port Grimaud offered more photographically than even the more famous Saint-Tropez. In selecting today’s Fun Photo Friday favorites, Port Grimaud shots beat out Saint-Tropez by nearly two-to-one:


Balcony and Shadows

Roof Tiles

Window on Wall

Port Grimaud Street Scene

Closed Shutters

Saint-Tropez Reflection

l’Auberge des Maures

Cuisine Provençal

Blue Shutters on Pink Walls


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54 Days at Sea — Port Grimaud, France

Port Grimaud, France

As much as we enjoyed traipsing about Saint-Tropez, I personally found Port Grimaud even more photogenic even though it’s much newer than its neighbor to the east.

Port Grimaud, France

Port Grimaud is a ‘planned’ town. It was built on reclaimed marshland in the 1960s, and the architect who designed Port Grimaud was François Spoerry.

Port Grimaud, France

The town is crisscrossed with canals, and there are many pleasure craft throughout.

Port Grimaud canals

Beyond the canals is a magnificent sand beach set against the greenish-blue Mediterranean:

Port Grimaud, France

And as many a Beach Boy song will tell you, sand beaches go hand-in-hand with high-performance cars, such as this blast from the past:

AC Cobra

Now for today’s Port Grimaud photo gallery and slide show:


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54 Days at Sea — April 10, Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez, France

The morning after leaving Barcelona we anchored off the coast of Saint-Tropez, France. Here, Ursula and I would walk the streets of Saint-Tropez and take a quick boat ride west to visit Port Grimaud, which you’ll see on Wednesday.

MS Prinsendam anchored off Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a wonderful little town with a lot of color and charm just waiting for your camera.

Saint-Tropez panoramic

The streets hold many beautiful scenes:

Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez, France

And the small harbor offers up some really charming boat shots:

Saint-Tropez, France

Below is a little photo gallery/slide show of Saint-Tropez. Just click on any image to enlarge and bring up the slides:

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