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Fun Food Friday — Goldie’s Conch House

Goldie’s Conch House — King of Conch

Both Ursula and I encountered cracked conch on a trip to Grand Cayman Island many years ago. It was at an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) place called, appropriately, The Cracked Conch. There is still a Cracked Conch restaurant on Grand Cayman, but it’s not at the previous location, and it may not be under the same ownership as it’s no longer AYCE. So, since the Bahamas are practically synonymous with cracked conch, Ursula decided we were going to have lunch in Nassau at a restaurant she found online. Thus, we found ourselves at Goldie’s Conch House.

Both indoor and outdoor dining

Ursula was also anxious to try a local drink called sky juice, which is made from gin, coconut water, sweetened condensed milk, and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. I’ll just say that sky juice did not disappoint either of us:

Bahamian sky juice

I cannot say likewise for the rest of the meal, which we started with conch fritters. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that fritters are not my favorite way to eat conch, as I find this concoction is usually heavy on the stomach, and seldom arrives at the table as the crispy concoction one would expect of a “fritter” anything. Alas, Goldie’s version did nothing to change my mind. They were to me a bit bland and extremely heavy on the palate. On the upside, there were plenty of them; so much so that we didn’t even attempt to finish them. The accompanying sauce was tasty, but being mayonnaise based did nothing to mitigate the inherent heaviness of the dish.

Goldie’s conch fritters

Fortunately, the cracked conch was an improvement. It wasn’t the best we’d ever had, but it was passable. The conch could have done with a bit more tenderizing (you have the pound the heck out of conch to get the most out of it). Some pieces were tender while others were chewier than they should have been. The batter was light, which was a huge improvement over the conch fritters, but it wasn’t as crisp as I like. To be fair, the humidity must have been way up from the heavy rain so that might have been a factor. I’m inclined to give Goldie’s a second chance to see if that was indeed the reason.

Cracked conch, lime, and fries

The fries were okay, but far from European pomme frite standards. Let’s just call them far better than the grease-soaked mass served up at Five Guys (one visit several years ago was more than enough for both of us; we’ll never make that mistake again), but certainly not up to par with McDonald’s (and let’s face it, fries about the only reason to ever enter a McDonald’s).

Goldie’s cracked conch

All in all I’d give this visit 3½ forks out of five. And who knows? Our visit may have just been on an off day.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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Transatlantic — Nassau at the port and along the Shore

As I indicated on Monday, this stop didn’t provide me with a lot of photographic opportunities. As such this week will have a Fun Food Friday rather than the more usual Fun Photo Friday. And since Friday’s article is a restaurant review, today will operate more like a Fun Photo Friday-style entry. If you’re wondering why I seem to be taking the easy way out this week, it’s because next week a rather labor-intensive series will begin on a recent (just last month) 14-day cruise in the southern Caribbean.

Siblings separate at birth and reunited in Nassau?

Most of the photos you’ll see today were taken upon our return to Harmony of the Seas, as the torrential downpour that we encountered at the restaurant had finally started to abate.

Nassau and Vibrant Blue Water as a Backdrop

But there are a few exceptions. The photo below was taken on our outward trek to lunch. I thought the composition of relaxing beach lounges with a decaying lighthouse in the background was just too fun to ignore.

Arranged for the View

And, let’s face it, who can resist a closeup of a working tugboat:

Nose Protection

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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Transatlantic — Rainy Day in Nassau, Bahamas

T‘was a Dark and Story Night. Oh, wait. Wrong novel. Snoopy wrote that one. This is Nassau Cruise Port, Bahamas, and T’was a Cloudy and Rainy Day. As such there won’t be a lot of photos this week, but I’ve presented the Bahamas to you before. It just wasn’t Nassau, but rather Half Moon Cay (Part 1, Part 2, and Fun Photo Friday).

Nassau Cruise Port

Because of the dearth of photos from this stop, this week will feature a Fun Food Friday restaurant review (hope you like conch) rather than the usual Fun Photo Friday. I hope you don’t mind. Anyway, it’ll be a short week. But do not despair. Looking over our many past trip photos I’ve discovered that I neglected to present to you a series on our extensive visit to Singapore and Indonesia back in 2018. You probably won’t want to miss that series. But for now we’re talking about Nassau.

Tugging at My Heart

Our excursion began on foot, as we were experiencing only a light drizzle when we left Harmony of the Seas and headed toward our destination. That destination will be the subject of Fun Food Friday. At any rate, we allowed the lull in heavy rain to entice us to make the approximately 1.4-mile/2.2-kilometer, 30-minute stroll with nothing but umbrellas to protect us.

Old colonial-style where Marlborough, West, and Virginia streets meet

Before the rain picked up, our hike took us past the Nassau Harbour Lighthouse. This lighthouse is located at the extreme western tip of Paradise (formerly Hog) Island. This 69-foot/21-meter structure was built in 1817 and operated until 1928, when its function was taken over by a light installed upon a nearby water tower. The lighthouse has since been allowed to deteriorate, which on one hand is a bit of a shame, but on the other provides the photographer an interesting subject.

Nassau Harbour Lighthouse

Beginning today and into the indefinite future my blog articles will end with the following salute formerly banned by the Soviet Union: Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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