Transatlantic — Nassau at the port and along the Shore

As I indicated on Monday, this stop didn’t provide me with a lot of photographic opportunities. As such this week will have a Fun Food Friday rather than the more usual Fun Photo Friday. And since Friday’s article is a restaurant review, today will operate more like a Fun Photo Friday-style entry. If you’re wondering why I seem to be taking the easy way out this week, it’s because next week a rather labor-intensive series will begin on a recent (just last month) 14-day cruise in the southern Caribbean.

Siblings separate at birth and reunited in Nassau?

Most of the photos you’ll see today were taken upon our return to Harmony of the Seas, as the torrential downpour that we encountered at the restaurant had finally started to abate.

Nassau and Vibrant Blue Water as a Backdrop

But there are a few exceptions. The photo below was taken on our outward trek to lunch. I thought the composition of relaxing beach lounges with a decaying lighthouse in the background was just too fun to ignore.

Arranged for the View

And, let’s face it, who can resist a closeup of a working tugboat:

Nose Protection

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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