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Port 8 Mo’orea — An emerald wonder

Stunning Landscape

As much as both Ursula and I enjoyed our Bora Bora Maohi Nui tour with Patrick, the beauty of Mo’orea simply overwhelms any comparison.  And the tour with Francky and FranckyFranck Tours was absolutely stunning in the vistas.  Like Patrick, Francky is quite the character.  He’s witty, funny, informative and fun.  Here’s his steed upon which he transports his guests:

FranckyFranck 4×4

There is a lot to see and do on Mo’orea, so we spent the better part of the entire day touring the island.  We, of course, were treated to great, high-vantage point shots of the towns, shoreline, and surrounding reefs, such as this:


But it was the tropical beauty in abundance at every turn that made this a very enjoyable photo destination despite the gray weather:


The vertical features are also quite stunning, especially when enhanced by turning your camera to portrait orientation:

Tropical Green

Here are more examples of this lush tropical environment:


Mountains and Mist





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Port 8 Mo’orea — Climbing High

Crown Princess in port

We left Bora Bora in the Crown Princess’ rearview mirror on Tuesday, November 3, with a scheduled departure time of 9:00 p.m.  Why so late?  Because we had less than 180 statute miles/155 nautical miles/290 kilometers to sail to our next destination.  The next morning we reached our next port of call Mo’oreaFrench Polynesia, and, unlike Bora Bora, a former part of the Kingdom of Tahiti.

Mount Tohivea — Highest point on Mo’orea at 3,960 feet/1,207 meters)

Like that craggy mountain photo above?  You’re going to see a lot more of that peak over the next two week’s, as Mount Tohivea is not only visible throughout most of Mo’orea, but even on neighboring island Tahiti and its capital city Papeete.  The Crown Princess anchored in Opunohu Bay and once again we tendered into port.  Awaiting us ashore was our next tour, FranckyFranck Moorea Tours, and our driver/tour guide was none other than owner Franck “Francky” Dean.

Francky Franck Tours

Francky is quite the character, and it appeared that there was a bit of not so friendly rivalry between him and his chief competitor.  The exchange of barbs between the two at our various stops were quite amusing.

Mo’orea — Traveling inland

Fortunately, both Francky and his competitor use four-wheel drive vehicles, because some of the narrow, steep drop-off, rain slicked muddy trails were rather a test of nerves at times.  The images along the way were worth it, though.  Adding to the mystique this day were the low clouds enveloping and cascading down the tropical green mountainous slopes.

Overlooking the Crown Princess in Opunohu Bay

We’ll continue our tour on Wednesday.  Until then I’ll leave you with these images:


Mo’orea reef and channel — Crown Princess tenders both left and right

Mo’orea interior

Mo’orea shoreline

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Fun Photo Friday — Bora Bora favorites Part 2

Bora Bora Blues

Today’s Fun Photo Friday concludes our look at Bora Bora.  Next week we move on to Mo’orea.

Bora Bora

In Flight

Maohi Nui


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