Port Nine Papeete — Out Nanuu Bay and into the Pacific

Sailing into the Sun

The Crown Princess continued through Nanuu Bay and into the South Pacific Ocean for the return home, but not before I managed to snag a few more photos.  From this vantage we saw the slopes leading up to Mont Orohena beyond Papeete:

Protestant Church of Papeete

As noted on Monday we sailed past Pā’ōfa’i Gardens, and also had great views of Place Jacques Chirac:

Outriggers for rent

Pā’ōfa’i Gardens

Place Jacques Chirac

Beyond this area, with which we were already familiar, other heretofore unseen areas of Papeete came into view:

Plage Hōkūleʻa

Around this time I was stunned to see a magnificent wall of reflective glass that offered up a truly bizarre mosaic of the Crown Princess:

Reflections in a Glass Wall

Speeding to keep up with the Crown Princess was a delightfully colorful pilot boat and people paddling their outriggers:

Pilot Boat Approaches


A lone fishing boat headed out to sea alongside the Crown Princess toward open waters:

Fishing boat

Turning north away from Nanuu Bay and toward open water we passed Fa’a’ā International Airport’s Runway 04/22.  Here you can see an ATR-72 on landing rollout on Runway 04:

ATR-72 landing rollout at Fa’a’ā International Airport

Because of the lighting and numerous photo subjects this was one of the best sail-aways I’d yet experienced, but the best was right around the corner.  As we headed out to sea we were treated to a spectacular sunset, more of which you’ll seen on this week’s Fun Photo Friday:

Tahitian Sunset


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