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Fun Photo Friday — Bora Bora favorites Part 2

Bora Bora Blues

Today’s Fun Photo Friday concludes our look at Bora Bora.  Next week we move on to Mo’orea.

Bora Bora

In Flight

Maohi Nui



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Port 7 Bora Bora — An excursion to Bloody Mary’s

World Famous Bloody Mary’s Bar, Restaurant, & Yacht Club

As we headed back to the dock where we would tender back to the Crown Princess, Patrick presented to us one last option.  Those who wanted to go back to the ship immediately could disembark from his outrigger in Nūnu’e.  Those who wanted instead to visit the “World Famous” Bloody Mary’s Bar, Restaurant, & Yacht Club could opt to travel across Pofai Bay, exit the outrigger, say our goodbyes, and make our way back into Nūnu’e by taxi to catch the tender later.  Ursula, I, and two others took the latter of the two options.

The dock to Bloody Mary’s

The dock serving Bloody Mary’s is a private one, as you can see from this sign:

Bloody Mary’s mooring

Bloody Mary’s was founded in 1979, and over the nearly forty years since it has gained quite the reputation.

Bloody Mary’s EST. 1979

Just how big an attraction is Bloody Mary’s?  Let’s take a look at some of this establishment’s more famous clientele, including “Who are 3 people who’ve never been in my kitchen?“:

A list of notable Bloody Mary patrons

There’s no mistaking when you’ve arrived:

Bloody Mary’s

The exterior of Bloody Mary’s is quite the sight:

Bloody Mary’s

Ursula and I didn’t dine here.  We chose instead to partake of Bloody Mary’s famous mixed drinks:

Drink Menu

It’s been a while, but I believe we wound up with a Vanilla Rum Punch and a Maitai Roa:

Vanilla Rum Punch and Maitai Roa

The bar itself is quite impressive:

Bloody Mary’s bar area

But, just in case you’re inclined to dine, here’s the main restaurant:

Bloody Mary’s dining room


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Port 7 Bora Bora — Lunch after Snorkling

Lagoon Lunch Landing

The Maohi Nui ¾-day tour lasts about five hours.  It includes two snorkeling stops with a Polynesian feast between snorkeling areas.  The feast is traditionally prepared in an in-ground “oven” of heated lava rock covered by banana leaves and a suspiciously untraditional-looking synthetic oilskin tarp.

Patrick checks the Polynesian “Oven”

We’ll take a look at the goodies inside that oven shortly, but first a brief word on our snorkeling adventures this outing.  Our pre-lunch snorkel was in a coral area, and the waters were teeming with many docile, almost tame stingrays and curious blacktip reef sharks.  The image below is from NewsCrab’s article Bora Bora Island – The dream honeymoon destination of everyone:

Blacktip reef shark — Image from NewsCrab

Once our first snorkel was complete, we headed for a private motu (Polynesian reef islet with vegetation).  :

Double-Parked next to the Picnic Table

Now let’s look into that Polynesian oven.  Here’s Patrick opening the “oven door”:

Opening the oven door

Next he removes the “foil wrap” from the food, revealing the traditional banana leaves covering the pit:

Checking the baking dish

And finally we get our first glimpse of lunch:

Fantastic Feast

The goodies were removed from the pit and arranged buffet style atop tables.  The menu included suckling pig, chicken with local spinach, manioc (starchy root vegetable similar to cassava or yucca), plantains, bread fruit, and a side of raw fish salad with coconut milk.  Wines were included; white, red, and even champagne.

Meats and Local Vegetables

Heading for Bora Bora?  Want to enjoy this tour?  Here’s the website for Maohi Nui (and make sure you get on Patrick’s outrigger):

Maohi Nui — Lagoon Tour & Lunch

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