Jewel of the Seas — Akureyi, Iceland 2

Jewel of the Seas (foreground) and Norwegian Star in Akureyri, Iceland

On Monday I showed you Akureyri, Iceland as seen from the deck of our cruise ship, Jewel of the Seas. Now it’s time to head out on foot, beginning with our departure from the Akureyri Harbor Cruise Terminal:

Leaving Jewel on foot for Akureyri

As you head into downtown Akureyri you’ll pass an outdoor sculpture garden on Hafnarstræti:

These sculptures are in a small, park-like area that includes a playground:

And, still here from our last visit, you’ll find a vendor selling Iceland’s famed but overrated reindeer hotdogs. Honestly, Ursula and I cannot really detect much of a difference in flavor or texture from the traditional hotdog. But Icelanders and most visitors rave about them so you should probably give one a try.

Reindeer Hotdog Vendor

Continuing south on Hafnarstræti you’ll pass Akureyri’s main shopping district, which sports some fun architecture and bright colors:

Hafnarstræti at Kaupvangsstræti
Hafnarstræti at Kaupvangsstræti

From here we started climbing some stairs to get to a church, which I’ll show you next Monday. But, from these stairs, which are called the Kirkjutröppurnar (Church Steps) turn back for this view of the Hafnarstræti shopping district and beyond:

Climbing the Kirkjutröppurnar

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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