Jewel of the Seas — Akureyi, Iceland 1

Akureyri, Iceland

You’ll recall that this series began with a transatlantic crossing aboard Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas, followed by a back-to-back aboard the same ship to some uncommon destinations in Spain and France. After that it was a trip to Germany, followed by a brief stay in Utrecht, Netherlands. Now we continue on with the ship we boarded after our stay in Utrecht. Today begins with the first of three back-to-back voyages aboard Royal Caribbean‘s Radiance Class ship Jewel of the Seas, a positively lovely ship that is much nicer than Vision. I’m going to keep secret for now the itinerary of the next two Jewel cruises we took in June 2022, but today I’ll reveal that this cruise included two stops in Iceland, one in Northern Ireland, and two more in Ireland before returning to Amsterdam. As you may have guessed from today’s lead photo, that first stop in Iceland was in Akureyri:

Akureyri and surrounding areas

Now, I’ve shown you Akureyri before from a previous trip (see: Transatlantic — Iceland; Walking Akureyri). So, if you want to see how much it’s changed over the past few years, now is your chance. Spoiler alert: Not much.

Akureyri, Iceland as seen from the Jewel of the Seas

Ursula and I generally like to head to one of the upper decks for a quick look whenever the ship hits a new destination. So, today I’m going to just post a photo gallery/slide show of Akureyri and surrounding countryside as seen from the Jewel. Starting Wednesday I’ll take you on a foot tour of the town.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)



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