Southern Caribbean Cruising — Grenada; the Inner Harbour

Garfield St. Louis offered to drop us off closer to port, but Ursula and I wanted to see more of St. George’s before we headed back. So, Garfield dropped us off at a suitable location with plenty of directions to get us started. We began with a quick trip to Market Square (see above), which had a very few items of interest. We didn’t spend much time here. But, if you’re looking for spices, you might want to give Market Square a try. We already had ours from a vendor to which Garfield took us. From Market Square we headed south to Sendall Tunnel for some sightseeing along Inner Harbour.

North entrance to Sendall Tunnel

Sendall Tunnel was built for horse-drawn carriages, and it was quite the marvel back in 1894. It connects the Esplande (north) to the Carenage side. The tunnel is 340 feet/104 meters in length, and it is cramped. Vehicles travel one way, south-to-north, while pedestrians hug the west side of the tunnel.

Sendall Tunnel fun facts

The Carenage side is a bit better marked, which one would expect since cars enter from that side:

South (Carenage) entrance to Sendall Tunnel

Once you get to the Carenage (Inner Harbour) side of town get your camera ready. Sights will be coming at you everywhere beginning with these interesting structures on Monckton Street:

Ministry of Finance

Now we turn east and head along the Inner Harbour, which is nothing but view upon view:

Fun Photo Friday will complete our tour of St. George’s and Grenada, but today I’ll leave you with this image I took as we started back for Sendall Tunnel:

Young Street looking north

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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