Southern Caribbean Cruising — Grenada; View of St. George’s from Richmond Hill

On the way back into St. George’s, our wonderful guide Garfield St. Louis detoured us to Richmond Hill for some great views from high above the capital city. We parked adjacent to Her Majesty’s Prison. Perched above us was Fort Frederick, which you see above. But the interesting features lay below us, such as this view of Grenada’s House of Parliament located east of St. George’s:

Grenada’s new House of Parliament

In the upper left corner of this next photo you can make out Fort George. And to the right is the steeple to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church:

Fort George (upper left); St. Andrew’s (upper right)

Fort George has a long history, not all of which is in the distant past. In October 1983 Fort George was then known as Fort Rupert. It was here that deposed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was executed on 19 October 1983. This led to the U.S. led Invasion of Grenada five days later.

Closeup of Fort George (formerly Fort Rupert)

The skyline is dominated by the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, as seen here:

Closeup of St. George’s overlooking the port

Here are other views from high above St. George’s on Richmond Hill:

If you make it up this way, take in some of the local cactus flowers:

Prickly pear-type cactus preparing to bloom

Now we’re heading back into town, where I’ll show you on Wednesday some scenes such as this from Inner Harbour:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church as seen from the Inner Harbour

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