Southern Caribbean Cruising — ABC Islands; Curaçao, a Sunnier Afternoon for Better Photos

Tugs beneath Koningin Julianabrug

You may have noticed in this series on Willemstad, Curaçao that the cloudiness in the morning was far from ideal for picture taking. Fortunately, that condition did not hold throughout the day. Today’s photographs of were taken beginning at 3:55 p.m. in the afternoon, beginning with the photo above of the Koningin Julianabrug (Queen Juliana Bridge). This colossally tall bridge spans Sint Anna Bay, and reaches heights of 185 feet/56.4 meters. The rest of today’s photos will be presented in chronologic order. This next photo was taken Handelskade just feet from pedestrian pontoon Koningin Emmabrug (Queen Emma Bridge):

Guns ‘n’ Hearts

Looking back from this corner gets you this view:

Willemstad waterfront (left) and Breedestraat (street running right)

Time to head back across the Queen Emma Bridge as we slowly make our way back to Grandeur of the Seas:

Heading west on Queen Emma Bridge

Look back and get a shot of the cafés along the Willemstad waterfront:

Willemstad waterfront

Reaching the west side of Sint Anna Bay, especially in the afternoon with the sun over your shoulder, expect to get a great shot of the Queen Emma wooden pedestrian pontoon bridge with the colorful Willemstad waterfront as an interesting background:

Queen Emma Bridge

And don’t forget to capture Fort Amsterdam while you’re here:

Fort Amsterdam

Now we’re back at Fort Rif:

Fort Rif

Inside Fort Rif:

Fort Rif in the afternoon light

Just outside the east entrance to Fort Rif you’ll find a statue of Dr. Efraïn Jonckheer:

Dr. Efraïn Jonckheer

Heading back to the ship we once again pass Renaissance Mall:

Renaissance Mall

We’ll finish up the ABC Islands on this week’s Fun Photo Friday. Until then:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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