Circumnavigating New Zealand — Traversing Taieri Gorge

Maniototo at Puderangi

Time to head back from the Maniototo plateau and plain, through the Taieri Gorge, for return to Dunedin. And on this return trip you’ll see much more of Taieri Gorge than on Monday’s article.

Taieri Gorge

The Taieri Gorge was formed by the Taieri River, a little of which you can see here:

Taieri River

Our ride was of course aboard the Taieri Gorge Limited, which is a line run by Dunedin Railways:

Dunedin Railways’ Taieri Gorge Limited

Along the way we had some fun crossing tall train trestles:

Taieri Gorge train trestle — one of several

Now let’s enjoy some of the views if this wondrous, rugged terrain:

Taieri Gorge

Taieri Gorge

Taieri Gorge


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