Transatlantic — Iceland Golden Circle; Gullfoss (and Strokkur video)

Gullfoss Falls

No Fun Photo Friday today. We have too much to cover. But I do have for you that promised video at the end of today’s article.

Gullfoss Falls

Beyond the Geysir Hot Spring Area on the Golden Circle tour we stopped at a segment of Hvítá (White) River. It is at this point that the Hvítá cuts into the landscape, creating a deep canyon.

The Hvítá (White) River canyon containing Gullfoss Falls

It is this canyon into which the river makes an impressive multi-step drop — 36 feet/11 meters, 69 feet/21 meters, and finally a spectacular plunge of 105 feet/32 meters. This is Gullfoss (Golden Falls):

Gullfoss Falls

On average the amount of water cascading through Gullfoss in summer is 4,900 cubic feet/140 cubic meters per second!

Gullfoss Falls

But the record flood amount for Gullfoss was 71,000 cubic feet/2,000 cubic meters per second.

Gullfoss Falls

Now, as promised, here is a one-minute seventeen-second video not only of Gullfoss, but of a Strokkur Geysir eruption as well:


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