Port 7 Bora Bora — Outrigger Travel

Bora Bora

I simply cannot recommend highly enough the magnificent folks at Maohi Nui and their lunch and lagoon snorkeling tour.  It was simply a fantastic way to spend our time here on Bora Bora.  Below you see Ursula posing with our outrigger guide, the flamboyant and exhibitionist (more on that later during this week’s Fun Photo Friday) Patrick.

Patrick smoozing with Ursula

Our large tour group split among several Maohi Nui watercraft.  Two groups, including Ursula and I, opted for the more adventurous outriggers, while others wound up in a more conventional tour boat.

Maohi Nui outrigger

Maohi Nui tour boat

As you can see, the outrigger outran the tour boat on our way to our lagoon lunch.  We were waiting ashore as the boat meandered in.  Here you can see the tour boat saddling up to a dock:

Maohi Nui tour boat

In the distance you can see below one of the many resorts here in which the thatched roof bungalows sit atop stilts over the tropical blue waters:

Maohi Nui outrigger

Sitting options for lunch offered one particularly unique option, sitting at a table in seat-deep water:

Bora Bora lagoon lunch

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