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Fun Photo Friday — Circumnavigating New Zealand; Rotorua and Tauranga favorites 2

Te Puia sculpture

Here are some Rotorua-area favorites:

Pathway into Te Puia
Rest Stop
Puarenga Stream
Puarenga STEAM!


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Circumnavigating New Zealand — Kiwifruit Country and Te Puia Māori Village

Kiwis in Kiwi Land

Yes, our ship was still in port over in Tauranga. And, yes, today was a very busy day, as you’ve seen these past two weeks. So far I’ve shown you the Rotorua geothermal area, the Living Māori Village, the redwood forest of Whakarewarewa, and rafters going over the falls at Okere. Can’t be a whole lot left to do, right? Wrong. Today we begin with Kiwifruit Country, a tourist attraction north of Okere Falls.

Kiwifruit Country

We arrived there courtesy of our tour hosts at Custom Day Tours.

Our host this tour — Custom Day Tours

Here, everything is kiwi. Even the tourist train:

Kiwifruit Country kiwi train

But Kiwifruit Country is first a foremost a kiwi farm:

Kiwifruit Country

One last look at Kiwifruit Country before we head on up the road toward a bit of local indigenous flavor:

Kiwifruit Country

We now head back south toward Rotorua arrive at Te Puia. Last week we took a look at the geothermal area here, but today we’re going to take in some Māori culture and traditions.

Te Puia Māori Village

It’s time for us to head over to the Te Puia Opera House, where a very special event awaits us:

Te Puia Māori Village Opera House

But before the show begins, let’s take a closer look at the interesting building to the left:

Te Puia Māori Village

Uh, oh . . . this fellow looks ominous:

Te Puia Maori Village Opera House

Before this show began, the audience were advised to take this seriously. Laughter is not appreciated during this welcoming ceremony. And, despite the stern look of our greeters, we were in fact being welcomed in the traditional Māori manner.

Te Puia Maori Village Opera House

Once welcomed into the opera house we were entertained with traditional Māori folksong, dance, and storytelling:

Te Puia Maori Village Opera House
Te Puia Maori Village Opera House
Te Puia Maori Village Opera House

This week’s Fun Photo Friday concludes our look at the Tauranga and Rotorua areas of New Zealand. Next Monday we head to one of my favorite cities, Auckland. Here we disembark from our cruise, and I shall spend the next several weeks showing your around the city.


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