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Circumnavigating Australia — Leaving Puffing Billy for the Yarra Valley

Puffing Billy pulling into Belgrave Station

After our Puffing Billy arrival into Belgrave Railway Station it was time to disembark and take a short stroll to our awaiting transportation into Australia’s Yarra Valley. As we exited the station, the lovely old vintage post “receiving pillar” below caught my eye. Note the nifty little brass “hand” handle near the bottom for opening it:

Vintage Post Office Receiving Pillar

And off we went. Along the way into the Yarra Valley (official Tourism Australia guide link here) we passed several vineyards. The one you see pictured below is from  a winery I’ll present to you next week:

Yarra Valley vineyard (Yering Farm)

Our first stop on this segment of the trip was to a chocolate shop which I will present to you on Wednesday. From that shop’s grounds we got some beautiful scenes of the surrounding vineyards and orchards.

Yarra Valley panorama

Yarra Valley vineyards

Yarra Valley orchards

On Wednesday we’re going to explore the chocolate shop from which these photos were taken. Until then, I’ll just leave you with this bit of colorful statuary outside:

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

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Fun Photo Friday — Circumnavigating Australia; Puffing Billy Favorites 2

Ursula Meets a Fellow Swiss — Rudi

Believe it or not, the gentleman you see posing with the beautiful and talented Ursula Wicker is also of Swiss make and model. His name is Rudi, and his pre-retirement gig was that of chef. Now he enjoys working on the railway . . .  the historic Puffing Billy Railway.

Here are the rest of today’s Puffing Billy Fun Photo Friday favorites:

Early 20th Century Machinery

Menzies Creek Bench and Light Post

Locomotive 14A Arrives to Menzies Creek

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Circumnavigating Australia — Puffing Billy to Belgrave Railway Station

Puffing Billy Locomotive 8A

As I mentioned on Monday, we took an abbreviated trip on Puffing Billy. Our point of origin was Menzies Creek Railway Station, and our destination was the main railway station at Belgrave. So, whereas on Monday’s article I showed you the full five-station route, today I’ll present to you the truncated route we took from Menzies Creek to Belgrave:

Route Segment Map — Menzies Creek to Belgrave Railway Station

In case you’re wondering what we saw along the way, here are some examples:

Puffing Billy landscapes

Railroad crossing near Selby

Puffing Billy landscapes

Locomotive 8A and a train of NBH carriages traveling through a stand of gum trees

Puffing Billy landscapes

Of course, my favorite view this trip was our train crossing the Monbulk Creek trestle bridge:

Crossing Monbulk Creek trestle bridge

And, finally, as we prepare to roll into Belgrave Railway Station, we are greeted by the appropriate signage:

Reaching Belgrave Railway Station

For more information:

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