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Repositioning South — Kennedy Space Center Part 2

Full Saturn V assembly and Apollo Mission logos

Today we’re just going to mosey around the Race to the Moon: Apollo/Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. There are many Apollo artifacts here to see, such as the actual Apollo 14 command module:

Apollo 14 Command Module

The interior is glassed off from prying fingers, but you can still peer inside:

Inside Apollo 14

Here is a replica of the lunar suit worn by Gene Cernan during the Apollo 17 mission (the real suit is on display at the Smithsonian):

Apollo 17 lunar suit

This image is a statue depicting geologist Harrison “Jack” Schmitt’s excursion on the lunar landscape during Apollo 17:

Statue depicting lunar astronaut (and former senator) Harrison H. Schmitt

Did you know we actually sent a dune buggy to the moon? Three times? This is an LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle), similar to one used during Apollo missions 15, 16, and 17:

Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV); the Lunar “Dune Buggy”

But the star of this show is overhead. That’s the various components of the enormous Saturn V rocket that sent a dozen men to the moon over the course of six missions:

The five Rocketdyne J-2 engines of the Saturn V S-II second stage

Saturn S-IVB third stage with single Rocketdyne J-2 engine

Apollo Command Module with Launch Escape System

Put it all together you get this view from the end opposite of the picture at the top of today’s article:

Saturn V assembly with Lunar Excursion Module in foreground


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Baltic Cruise — Tallinn, Estonia Part 1

Tallinn, Estonia

Vision of the Seas arrived at our next Baltic destination on Monday, August 14, 2017, a mere one day after our departure from beautiful Riga, Latvia. But, if anything, we found ourselves in an even more picturesque venue, for we had arrived to Tallinn, capital of Estonia.

Tallinn, Estonia

While Tallinn is a town of much bright and cheerful color, it’s also a city with a lot of texture. As such, over the next two weeks you’re going to see a lot of photos in black & white, as textured subjects often translate quite well to that format. There will even be an upcoming Fun Photo Friday of Tallinn favorites consisting solely of B&W images.

Tallinn, Estonia

I mentioned Tallinn was also quite colorful. Here is proof of that:

Tallinn, Estonia

So, we’ll be exploring Tallinn mostly in photographs rather than text in the articles ahead. And here is a sampling of what to expect over the next two weeks:

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Fun Photo Friday — 54 Days at Sea, March 27

Hangin’ 10 x 19

Today’s Fun Photo Friday are some of my favorite images taken during the Bucket Regatta in St Barthélemy. Here is Ursula quickly posing between yacht views:

Ursula posing on deck

Pilots take pictures of airplanes. Railroad engineers take pictures of locomotives. And Staff Captains take pictures of boats, yachts, and ships:

Staff Captain Enjoying the Yachts from the Flying Bridge

Me? I take photos of anything:

Lean to Starboard

Plowing Ahead

Purple Sails

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