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Fun Photo Friday — 54 Days at Sea, March 27

Hangin’ 10 x 19

Today’s Fun Photo Friday are some of my favorite images taken during the Bucket Regatta in St Barthélemy. Here is Ursula quickly posing between yacht views:

Ursula posing on deck

Pilots take pictures of airplanes. Railroad engineers take pictures of locomotives. And Staff Captains take pictures of boats, yachts, and ships:

Staff Captain Enjoying the Yachts from the Flying Bridge

Me? I take photos of anything:

Lean to Starboard

Plowing Ahead

Purple Sails


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Pleasantly Puttering Around Paracas — Part 1

Paracas  3-18-2015 8-53-06 AM

Paracas Panorama

We left Coquimbo, Chile on Sunday, March 15, and after two days at sea the Golden Princess deposited us at our next destination — Paracas, Peru on the Paracas Peninsula.

Paracas, Peru

Paracas, Peru

Paracas is a charming little town with lots to see and do.  There’s the neat little “boardwalk” area sans boards along the beach:

Paracas, Peru

Paracas, Peru

The beach itself:

Paracas Beach

Paracas Beach

And the neat fishing fleet moored just offshore:

Paracas Fishing Fleet

Paracas Fishing Fleet

Here are a couple more shots for today:

Paracas, Peru

Paracas, Peru

Paracas Boats

Paracas Boats


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Rifleman’s Rifle Video — 1,000 Hits and Counting

I just this afternoon passed a milestone of sorts.  My popular YouTube video on how to spin-cock a full-size Model 1892 rifle as well as the Model 1892-based Rossi Ranch Hand just hit 1,000 views.  Many thanks to all who viewed that video and helped me reach the 1,000-views mark.  As you’ll recall, that video was produced for my blog post Firearms — Television Westerns from the 1950s.

Rifleman’s Rifle (made by Mike DiMuzio using a Rossi M92 rifle with 20″ barrel) and Rossi Ranch Hand Pistol

The Rossi Ranch Hand is stock straight from the box, but the Rifleman’s Rifle is a customized Rossi M92 specially modified by Mike DiMuzio of North Carolina.

Rossi Ranch Hand and Mike DiMuzio’s modified Rossi M92 “Rifleman’s Rifle”

I’m so please with what Mike‘s product that I’ll be sending to him another rifle for the same treatment — an earlier beautiful pre-safety Interarms/Rossi Model 92 chambered for the .45 Colt black powder cartridge.  More on that rifle in a later blog post.

Specially Constructed Rifleman’s “Loop” Lever with Trigger-Tripping Set Screw

Thanks Mike.  This rifle is just a blast, and I’ve yet to fire it.  I practice spin-cocking this thing nearly every night just before retiring.  It is indeed, as Mike calls it, great “Rifle Therapy.”

Close-up of Trigger Trip

My other video for my blog post on El Paso’s Chihuahuas Baseball Team and our new Southwestern University Ballpark, hasn’t been nearly as successful, having garnered only 31 hits since it’s posting nearly six weeks ago.  Oh, well.  That’s life at the ball game.


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