Circumnavigating New Zealand — Octagon to Cadbury’s 2019

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Now let’s start again from The Octagon and head down Lower Stuart Street. In the photo above you see St. Paul’s Cathedral, located along the west side of The Octagon. Turning east we find the Regent Theatre, which opened in 1928:

Regent Theatre

And what is that beautiful car we see above, sitting at the light in front of the Regent? Let’s take a closer look:

Aston Martin

Let’s take another gander at the Regent before we continue on:

Regent Theatre

On Monday I gave you a small glimpse of the roofline of Dunedin’s Security Building. Here’s a view of the complete building from across the street:

Security Building

In front of the Dunedin Railway Station, which we’ll visit next week, is ANZAC Square:

ANZAC Square looking west

North on Castle Street is/was the Cadbury chocolate factory. Unfortunately for us, and especially for chocolate-loving Ursula, the factory closed mere weeks before our 2019 arrival. Earlier this year the abandoned factory still stood, but it was slated for demolition:

Defunct Cadbury’s chocolate factory on Castle St.


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Doug. I’ve only been to two places in NZ but loved both!