Jewel of the Seas — Reykjavik; Lava Center and Skógafoss

Lava Center

We arrived into Reykjavik on 1 June 2022, and Ursula had us booked on a tour that was put together by one of our fellow passengers. All told, there were perhaps a dozen of us who would be heading to the southernmost point on Iceland. Along the way we would see waterfalls cascading from dizzying heights, black sand beaches that put those on Hawaii to shame, and an entertaining and informative Lava Centre:

Lava Centre

Our guide this day was absolutely wonderful. He’s a teacher with ties to Canada, and so he speaks perfect English. He’s also witty and charming. His name is Baldur Gylfason. So, if you’re in search of a guide, this is your man:

Baldur Gylfason

Stepping inside the Lave Centre is quite the experience:

Lava Centre (Gift Shop)

The main display is interactive and animated using sophisticated projection. It’s almost a 3D experience:

Lava Centre main display showing earthquake and volcanic activity
Animated map displays

After the Lava Centre we reboarded the bus and continued east to our first waterfall, Skógafoss (Forest Waterfall).

Skógafoss (Forest Waterfall)

This beast features a 200-foot/60-meter fall and a width of 82 feet/25 meters. Here’s a preview, with more to come on Wednesday:

Coming up on Skógafoss (Forest Waterfall)

But before I leave you today, let me show you some of the surrounding beauty:


Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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