Jewel of the Seas — Akureyi, Iceland 3

Kirkjutröppurnar (Church Steps) leading to Akureyrarkirkja (Akureyri Church)

Atop a hill in Akureyri is a prominent Lutheran church that has overlooked this town since 1940. This is Akureyrarkirkja (Akureyri Church) at the end of the tourist-popular Kirkjutröppurnar (Church Stairs).

Catch your breath; we’re almost there

Akureyrarkirkja may look new because of its modernist architecture, but it isn’t. The church, designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, was completed in 1940.

Akureyrarkirkja altar

The beautiful stained glass by J. Wippell and Co. of Devon, England:

J. Whippell stained glass

The pieces behind the altar are stunning:

J. Whippell stained glass

I really enjoyed this next stained glass photograph, as the light cast a an appropriate mood for the composition:

J. Whippell stained glass

I assume this church adornment hanging from the ceiling is meant to invoke Akureyri’s status as a major port:

Akureyrarkirkja “ship model”
Back on Hafnarstræti

Time to head down the hill and back into the town center:

Back on Hafnarstræti
Back on Hafnarstræti

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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