Southern Caribbean Cruising — Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

Welcome to Puerto Limón

Our destination aboard Grandeur of the Seas on 28 February this year was Puerto Limón, the capital city of Limón Province in the Central American country of Costa Rica. Limón is the seventh largest Costa Rican city with a population just barely over 61,000.

Grandeur of the Seas moored in Limón

While there’s a lot to take in visually here in Limón, there’s not a lot to discuss in such a small city. As such, this week and next will be heavy on the photos and light on the text.

The puerto (port) in Puerto Limón

Except for Fun Photo Fridays this week and next, the photos I will present of Limón will pretty much follow the chronological order of the self-guided foot tour Ursula and I took that day. I’ll begin at the cruise port, where we were warmly welcomed:

A welcoming Caribbean beat

Stepping out of the port security area and walking along Tomas Guardia street, we first strolled into Vargas Park (Parque Balvanero Vargas Molina). There are several items of interest here, including this rather interesting monument dedicated to the multi-ethnic development of Limón Province:

Vargas Park sculpture
Vargas Park sculpture
Vargas Park sculpture

Also in the park are artifacts from indigenous people:

Indigenous stone sculpture

A short walk to the western edge of the park puts you at the Southern Caribbean shoreline:

View of the Southern Caribbean from Vargas Park

We’ll continue this self-guided tour on Wednesday.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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