Southern Caribbean Cruising — Puerto Limón; Setting out on foot

Vargas Park, Limón, Costa Rica

Before we leave Vargas Park, let’s take a quick gander at a colorful local vender of refreshments:

Vargas Park vender

Looking for something a bit chillier? How about this for a treat:

Ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, fruit and chocolate syrups

We left behind the park and started heading west, I believe on Ángel Miquel Velázquez. About three blocks west of Vargas Park this becomes a pedestrian shopping street:

Heading into Limón

The vendors in this area are worthy of some camera attention:

Vender on Ángel Miquel Velázquez

On the corner of Ángel Miquel Velázquez and Calle 4 you’ll find this wonderful Correos (Post Office):

Limón post office (correos)

But don’t hurry by, lest you miss out on some fun details:

Limón post office (correos)

Directly across the street is a very active shopping area:

Limón street scene

And another:

Limón street scene

Of course, produce stores are always a colorful subject:

Colorful Limón produce vender

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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