Barcelona — Deep Within the Gothic Quarter

Within a very short and exceedingly easy stroll from our hotel was Barcelona’s historic and picturesque Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic). Actually, to be a bit more precise, Hotel Catalonia Portal de l’Àngel is technically in Gothic Quarter, but the older, more historic stuff is southeast of the hotel. See the unshaded area in this map for an overview:

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter southeast of Plaça de Catalunya

One of the sights we stumbled across here was the former home of the General Archive of the Crown of Aragon. We were first attracted to this by the Palau del Lloctinent courtyard, which we saw as we strolled down Carrer dels Comtes:

Palau del Lloctinent courtyard

Palau de Lloctinent (Lieutenant’s Palace) was built in 1549, and it is but one of three parts of the larger Palau Reial Major (Grand Royal Palace) complex dating back to 1302. Once inside the courtyard look to the left to find this magnificent wall, which appears to me a product of Antoni Gaudí:

Antoni Gaudí or Gaudí-inspired?

Look up for this magnificent ceiling:

Palau del Lloctinent

From here let’s now just enjoy the various streets and features of this lovely area with the following photo gallery/slide show:



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  1. I am enjoying my pictorial trip to Barcelona. Thank you, Doug!