Barcelona — Modern Statues and Architectural Details

If that photo above doesn’t remind you of Venice, then nothing will. But today we’re not concentrating on Plaça d’Espanya. We covered that in detail in last Monday’s Barcelona — A Bullring to Venice to the National Palace. Instead, we’re going to just sit back and enjoy the sights offered along the southeastern portion of City Sightseeing’s Red Line route, much of which runs along the port.

Winged Lions standing guard

As an example, let’s head along Passeig de Colom near Plaça de l’Ictineo. Look to the right for a shrimp. Not just any shrimp, mind you. This is Escultura de Gamba (Shrimp Sculpture) by Javier Mariscal:

Escultura de Gamba (Shrimp Sculpture)

And just beyond Escultura de Gamba is the face of Barcelona. Literally. As in La Cara de Barcelona by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein:

La Cara de Barcelona (The Face of Barcelona)

Now let us enjoy a few more of the statues and architectural details Barcelona has to offer with today’s photo gallery/slide show:


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