Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Bundled Up for Dawes Glacier

Ovation of the Seas entered Endicott Arm very early in the morning, even before sunrise. But we traveled east towards Dawes Glacier at a very leisurely pace, necessitated by the narrow fiord. We also had icebergs to dodge, so there’s that as well. But we enjoyed the view along the way, as there was much to see and photograph. For Cruise 1 you may recall we were in a virtual balcony cabin, so our views this day were from the decks. Thus, we had to bundle up a bit:

Ursula keeping warm in Endicott Arm

I especially enjoyed photographing some of that delightfully colored glacier ice, so be forewarned that you’re going to see a lot of icebergs and growlers during this Endicott Arm series:

Glacier ice — a crystalline study in blue
A growler reflection

The Quantum-Class ships have one truly unique feature located on the forward top deck. This is an observation platform at the end of an articulated arm. It’s called the North Star, and it provides a wonderfully dramatic backdrop for some of your scenery photos:

North Star observation platform

The sheer walls along Endicott Arm provide some really nice photographic subjects, as one might suspect:

Sheer walls along Endicott Arm

And the snow-capped peaks above are interesting features as well:

Snow-capped mountains overlooking Endicott Arm

But the true draw on this leg of the voyage is, of course, Dawes Glacier:

The blue of Dawes Glacier
Dawes Glacier meets Endicott Arm


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