Post Cruise — Exploring the Historic Belleview Inn

Belleview-Biltmore lobby seating area

Today we’re going to browse around the Belleview-Biltmore Hotel and take in the grand interior. Let’s start with the lobby, and the spacious seating area adjacent to the registration desk:

Belleview-Biltmore lobby seating area

This cheerful area even comes with a cozy fireplace:

Belleview-Biltmore lobby fireplace

A short stint down the hall brings you to a wonderful, wood-laden study:

Belleview-Biltmore study

And in this study, opposite the area pictured above, is yet another cozy seating area with an inviting fireplace:

Belleview-Biltmore study

Back to the lobby for a look at the grand staircase and the piano:

Belleview-Biltmore grand staircase and piano

That staircase takes us up to a rather unique look into the original framing used in this 120+ year-old structure. On the top floor, behind a plexiglass viewing window, you can see the structure beneath the walls:

Plexiglass window to the original frame construction

See that bolt-and-nut hardware above? It’s larger than it looks in that picture, so let’s have Ursula place a hand into the frame for a size comparison:

Ursula’s hand for a size comparison of this nut/bolt combination

On this week’s Fun Photo Friday I’ll reveal my favorite shots of this property. Until then, let’s go outside and take a last look:

Belleview-Biltmore front approach


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