Fun Photo Friday — 54 Days at Sea; New York Favorites

Times Square

Today is the last of my 54 Days at Sea series.


  • I’ll be returning to travel photography a week from Monday, but next week I owe fans of my firearms reviews some long-overdue articles. So, if you’re more into travel, cruises, and photography, I’ll see you the week after next.
  • The week after next I’ll take you on a tour of the Baltic area, and during that series I’ll even throw in my recipe for pirozhki (piroshki — a Russian meat pie) when we take a look at Saint Petersburg, Russia.

 So, until then, let’s take one last look at New York City as we bid farewell to 54 Days at Sea aboard MS Prinsendam.

1 Bleeker Street, the Bowery

Yellow Taxi at East 14th and Broadway

880 Broadway; W. & J. Sloane Store Building

Flatiron Building

Kickin’ Back in Times Square

Empire State Building from near East 23rd and Broadway


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