54 Days at Sea — Ephesus terrace houses

Ephesus Terrace House

For a look at how the rich lived in Ephesus, all you need do is visit one of several terrace houses that have been undergoing excavation and restoration since 1960. Two are complete, and others are undergoing active restoration.

Ephesus Terrace House undergoing restoration

These structures are quite impressive, with peristyle courtyards and grand arched ceilings.

Ephesus Terrace House

A translucent structure protects the terrace house below as it undergoes restoration.

Ephesus Terrace House

Inside these terrace houses you’ll find artifacts, such as pottery.

Pottery in an Ephesus Terrace House

Bu the most fascinating details are found on the fresco-covered walls and intricate mosaic-tiled floors.

Ephesus Terrace House Frescos

Ephesus Terrace House Frescos

Wednesday I’ll present a closer look at some really outstanding examples of the mosaic floors in these terrace homes.

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