54 Days at Sea — Meteora, Greece

Monastery of the Holy Trinity — Meteora

M.S. Prindendam arrived to Volos, Greece, on April 24. But over the next several days you won’t find photos of Volos in my upcoming articles, for Volos was not the destination we had in mind. Does the monastery above look a tad familiar? If you are a Roger Moore fan you’ve probably seen it before, in the film For Your Eyes Only. That is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, and it’s located at our next destination — Meteora.

View from Meteora

At its peak, Meteora was home to some 24 monasteries. Today only six remain active, housing as of 2015 some 41 nuns in two m0nasteries and around 15 monks in the other four.

A monk returning from prayer

One of the preserved examples is the St. Nicholas Anapausas Monastery seen here:

St. Nicholas Anapausas Monastery

Now for some more images from Meteora:

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