Fun Food Friday — Fatigas del Querer

Fatigas del Querer

One can develop quite the appetite walking around Madrid all day. For one thing, your constantly bombarded along the streets with views of delectable sandwiches:

Madrid sandwich shop

And delightfully decadent jamón serrano: and jamón ibérico:


Jamón serrano

Our travel companions Earl and Dolores were in need of a rest, so Ursula and I headed out on our own for dinner. We asked some of the locals where to go for tapas, and many of them pointed us in the direction of Fatigas del Querer (see this article: Hidden gem in Madrid: reader’s travel tips and their Facebook page). We were not disappointed. When you first enter you pass by the bar:

Fatigas del Querer

This restaurant may look small on the outside, but it’s deep:

Fatigas del Querer

And there’s even more seating in the back:

Fatigas del Querer

Fatigas del Querer

Ask your waiter for assistance. The food portions are generous, which means your waiter can best advise you on how much to order and what plates are best for sampling among your party. Our order consisted of garlic shrimp, which was perfectly cooked and loaded with garlic flavor:

Shrimp in garlic butter

Ursula, being European, loves air-dried meats, hams, and sausages of every type, so of course you know what made up one platter. This platter was quite a load of food for the two of us, and the samplings were exquisite:

Assorted cured meats, blood sausage, and cheese

The sausages and bread sticks were also quite delectable:

Sausages and bread sticks

Fatigas del Querer is Spanish for “Toils of Love”, and love of tapas were evident in every tasty bite of every tasty morsel. The restaurant is well worth finding, but it’s not easy to locate. The address is Calle de La Cruz 17, and Calle de la Cruz is a very small street southwest of Plaza de la Canalejas. If you can locate the plaza, which is fairly easy, then you’re only about 500 feet/150 meters from the restaurant.


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