Fun Photo Friday — Montreal Favorites

I promised a picture of one-half of that other great Place d’Armes art piece, English Pug and French Poodle.  Here it is:

English Pug and French Poodle

English Pug and French Poodle

Today I present some more of my favorite shots of Montreal:




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7 responses to “Fun Photo Friday — Montreal Favorites

  1. aiflcblog

    beautiful photography . may i know where are you now ?

    • Back in lovely El Paso, Texas, enyoing 100°+ (38°+ Celsius) temperatures in the dry, Chihuahuan Desert Climate.

      Thanks for dropping by. So glad you enjoyed the pictures.

      • That’s so funny. My hometown is El Paso. I visited Montreal last summer. It was gorgeous! I felt like it was similar to El Paso in that it was bicultural and multilingual.

        Did you get to visit Quebec City?

      • aiflcblog

        i want to see more picture so please send me on my link

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