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Circumnavigating Australia — Yarra Valley; Yering Farm Wines

Yering Farm Wines

We were in for a very long haul for our next tour stop. The ride from Yarra Valley Dairy to Yering Farm Wines took place over a nap-inhibiting 1.6 kilometers, which took nearly three long minutes to transverse.

Yering Farm Wines vineyard

This Yering Farm stop was a fun one. The views were nice, the wines tasty, and the staff friendly.

Yering Farm Wines — Our knowledgeable server with Duck Down Under Cabernet Rose

One of the first things that strike you as you approach the tasting room is the old, weathered, rusted-roof structure. It’s like a scene right out of the Old West.

Yering Farm Wines — Like something right out of the Old West

Facing the other direction we were greeted with colorful scenery.

Yering Farm Wines views

Inside, the tasting room appeared right out of a square dance hall.

Yering Farm Wines tasting room

Our server poured us a good representative selection of Yering Farm wines, which range from there Farmyard Series, to a mid-range Estate Series, on up to their top line Reserve Series. None were disappointing.

Yering Farm Wines views

This week’s Fun Photo Friday will conclude this Circumnavigation of Australia series. One destination I’m going to have to skip. That was Tasmania. The weather was miserable the entire time, and I only acquired a very few shots. Three photos simple would not be enough to do an article on this destination.

Starting the Monday after next I’ll begin a series on traveling around New Zealand. As with this Australia series, the New Zealand photos were acquired over two separate cruises — March 2019, and March 2020.

Next week will be a bit of a vacation. During that time I’ll be posting photos of El Paso desert flowers and a spectacular sunset, all of which were taken April through June of this year.


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