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Fun Photo Friday — 54 Days at Sea, Santorini Favorites 2

Santorini Mule Train

Today is our last look at the colorful destination of Santorini, Greece:


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54 Days at Sea — Santorini Part 4

Santorini Donkeys heading down for more tourists

Even though today isn’t a Fun Photo Friday, I’m going to concentrate this article on color, because Santorini is practically synonymous with colorful images. Just take a look at these backyards:

Santorini backyards

Or this ceramic store with brightly colored wares on display:

Santorini ceramics on display

Below is an image I captured of a Greek Sphinx against the blue backdrop of the Aegean inside the Santorini caldera. The Greek version of this mythical beast retains the human head atop a lion’s body of its Egyptian counterpart, but you’ll note that this version includes female breasts, the wings of an eagle, and not visible in this photo, a tail consisting of a serpent:

Greek sphinx decorating a Santorini rooftop

Of course, as previously mentioned, it isn’t Santorini if you don’t capture at least some of the many blue-domed churches, and here are three:

Blue Dome and Whitewash

Santorini blue-domed church

Santorini blue-domed church

The whitewashed buildings of Santorini offer up a great background even for duller colored subjects, such as this potted cactus:

Even dull colors pop against Santorini whitewash

But whitewash isn’t the only backdrop, as noted by some of the pictures above. Here is another example of some of the more colorful façades facing Santorini streets:

Blue shop with red bicycle

While not exactly ‘colorful’, I was able to capture this night scene of Santorini from MS Prinsendam just before we sailed away:

Santorini cliffs and town at night

And finally an example of ‘local’ color rather than the play of light beyond mere black, white, and gray, is this neat door:

Santorini door


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54 Days at Sea — Santorini Part 3

Santorini cliffs

Many major destinations have an iconic view — a structure or scene that is so striking that it is captured over and over again. For Santorini, that iconic view is of the three blue domes that can be captured together in one image:

The famous Three Blue Domes of Santorini

In the background you’ll note two other blue domes, and there are dozens more dotting the landscape. But it’s the image above that seems to draw most everyone. Here are more Santorini churches:


Santorini church

Santorini church

Santorini church

Santorini church

Now for some more Santorini images not involving churches, including peaceful streets, which are not easy to capture without a lot of people milling about. One must be patient in this locale, especially if multiple cruise ships are making this port of call:

A lot of blue in Santorini

Santorini street


Santorini street

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