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Fun Photo Friday — Circumnavigating New Zealand; Wellington Favorites 1

Field Trip

Time now for some Fun Photo Friday favorites of Wellington, New Zealand:

“City to Sea” details
Fern 2
Te Ngākau Civic Square
“City to Sea” bridge woodwork art
John Plimmer and Fritz

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Circumnavigating New Zealand — Arriving Wellington, 2019

“Fern 2” hanging above Te Ngākau Civic Square

Our next destination aboard Majestic Princess was Wellington, into which we arrived on 19 March, 2019 (we would return 10 March 2020, but more on that later in the series). On this trip Ursula and I traveled around on our own, and one of the stops we made this day was to Te Ngākau Civic Square at 101 Wakefield Street, just past the Wellington Central Library, 65 Victoria Street.

Wellington Central Library as seen from Te Ngākau Civic Square

The square itself is a very striking piece of scenic real estate:

Te Ngākau Civic Square

Here at Te Ngākau Civic Square one finds much in the way of art and beauty to photograph and enjoy. This is the “Te Aho a Maui” split pyramid sculpture:

“Te Aho a Maui” split pyramid sculpture, Te Ngākau Civic Square

The pedestrian footbridge adorned with wooden art connects the square with Whairepo Lagoon. This is the “City to Sea bridge“.

“City to Sea” Bridge, Te Ngākau Civic Square

Other works of art include this statue to the Rugby World Cup on the adjacent Jack Ilott Green:

Rugby World Cup statue, Te Ngākau Civic Square

Back on the main square, look up for the Fern 2 sculpture, which just last month was reinstalled of restoration and reinforcement to combat metal fatigue:

“Ferns 2” orb, Te Ngākau Civic Square

If you’re wondering about that intriguing building pictured above in the background, that’s Majestic Centre:

Majestic Centre building

It’s now time to leave behind Te Ngākau Civic Square, for we have a fun bit of public transportation awaiting us for Wednesday’s article. But to get there we’re going to pass a couple of interesting sights along the way. This is Chews Lane:

Chews Lane

And three minutes’ walk north takes us by Plimmer’s Steps, named after John Plimmer, the “Father of Wellington”. Not far from the base of the steps, strolling toward Lambton Quay (formerly Beach Street), is John Plimmer himself, and his dog Fritz:

John Plimmer and his dog Fritz


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