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Fun Photo Friday — Tallinn Favorites 2

Tallinn Doorway

Today I present one last look of Tallinn with some Fun Photo Friday favorites. Next week we move on to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Iron Hull and Copper Sails


Bricks and Doors

Monking Around


Watch That First Step!


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Fun Photo Friday — Tallinn Favorites 1

Tallinn in B&W

Frequently you’ll find highly textured subjects a natural for black & white conversion. The absence of color seems to enhance the texture, especially if the subject to monochromatic from the start.

Tallinn in B&W

Tallinn in B&W

Stark shadows in relief against a bright background can also be enhanced with B&W conversion, such as with these two images:

Tallinn in B&W

Tallinn in B&W

But not all textured, monochromatic images benefit from such treatment. Occasionally you’ll stumble across the exception, in which just a hint of color makes the image pop. Below is an example of what I mean, where just a hint of exposed red brick and a rusty discoloration beneath the wooden doors serve to contrast an otherwise monochromatic composition.

Sometimes a little color helps an otherwise monochromatic shot

Taking the shot above and converting it to B&W, even after filtering for green to darken the reddish brick, just doesn’t have the same oomph, in my view:

B&W conversion after green filtering

Taking the same image and converting after red filtering makes for an even blander translation:

Color filtering for B&W photographs, you ask? Yes. We’ve had a lesson or two (or three) on this before:

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Fun Photo Friday

White Sands Panorama

White Sands Panorama

Today we’re going to take a look at the more serious side of White Sands National Monument.  Unfortunately, I was not there during optimum lighting.  That occurs not in the bright overhead sun, but rather closer to either sunrise or sunset.  Proper exposure is tricky with a landscape this white, as we’ve discussed before, so most images were taken with a +⅔ exposure compensation.  Even so, some post processing was required, and thankfully I had shot images in Raw + JPEG.

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