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Circumnavigating New Zealand — More Buildings, and more flowers

Wellington Cenotaph base

The area around the Wellington Cenotaph is home of a lot of neat imagery. To get there, along Bowen Street, take the segment of the City to Sea Walkway that leads from the Wellington Botanic Garden. Along this route you’ll pass the Bolton Street Memorial Park, formerly known as the Bolton Street Cemetery:

Bolton Street Memorial Park along the City to Sea Walkway

Past the cemetery, almost directly across the street from the Beehive, lies Turnbull House. It houses the private library acquired by famed bibliophile Alexander Turnbull during his lifetime:

Turnbull House

We’ve already taken a look or two at the Wellington Cenotaph, but here’s a zoom-in of the horse and rider atop the monument:

Wellington Cenotaph

Across the street from the Cenotaph are the Old Government Buildings, which house some interesting architectural details:

Old Government Buildings on Lambton Quay

Now for another Wellington Botanic Garden flower show:


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