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Ireland — Sandycove to Wicklow Mountains

Our next Irish destination aboard Brilliance of the Seas was Dublin. We wasted little time boarding our next tour, which on this day took us first to Sandycove, a Dublin suburb. Here you’ll find James Joyce Tower and Museum. It was here that James Joyce spent six nights in 1904, and he would later using this setting for the opening of his 1922 novel Ulysses.

James Joyce Tower and Museum

Just a few minutes’ walk from this Martello fortification is Sandycove Beach, which offers a charming area on which to sit and enjoy the views:

Sandycove Beach adjacent to James Joyce Tower

From this location, look west across the water for this view of the towers of the National Maritime Museum ( formerly the Mariners’ Church) and old steeple of the St. Michael’s Church in nearby Dún Laoghaire. The original St. Michael’s was destroyed by fire in 1965, so this structure now stands separate from the new church.

St. Michael’s (left); National Maritime Museum of Ireland (foreground tower to the right)

Next our tour group headed south, into the Wicklow Mountains.

Wicklow Mountains
Wicklow Mountains

As you head deeply into this area you’ll come across a site of interest. This is Lough Tay, otherwise known as Guinness Lake, as it lays upon the Guinness Estate:

Lough Tay (Guinness Lake)
Beautiful area overlooking the lake

Does this area appear familiar to you? It might if you’re a fan of the 2013 historical drama series The Vikings, which was filmed in this area.

Lough Tay

Indeed, your first clue up here, overlooking Lough Tay, would be this set piece:

Leftover set piece from The Vikings

And if you look down below, to the right side of the lake, you’ll find the stand in for Kattegat Village from the series:


Let us take one last look around before heading to our next series destination:

Lough Tay
Wicklow Mountains view

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