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Fall Foliage Cruise — New Brunswick; Quaco Head Lighthouse

Quaco Head

It was still fairly early in the morning when our Go Fundy Tours guide Diane Howarth took us to Quaco Head Light, about half way up the Bay of Fundy. Here we got our first glimpse of a local lighthouse:

Quaco Head Light

This area was just beginning its change into fall colors:

Quaco Head fall foliage

Quaco Head fall foliage

It was here that we got another dramatic demonstration of the wild swings in water levels between high and low tides. This morning I took this shot of a small island just offshore:

Small island off Quaco Head during low tide (8:33 a.m.)

Some five hours later we returned to this site, and I took another image of the same island:

Same small island just five hours later (1:20 p.m.)

From this vantage point you can see the Bay of Fundy looking southwest:

Views from Quaco Head

And to the north towards the cliffs containing the Saint Martins Sea Caves (more on those in upcoming articles):

Bay of Fundy from Quaco Head

Let’s take in a couple of quick vies of some of the area vegetation before we take a last, dramatic look at the Quaco Head Light:

Quaco Head fall foliage

Quaco Head fall foliage

And a last look back at this fine lighthouse:

Quaco Head Light

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