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Three Days in Madrid — Day One

Edificio Menses, Plaza de Canalejas

Some of you who follow this blog may wonder if Ursula and I ever make friends with our fellow cruise travelers. Yes. We do. And we frequently plan together to join up on future trips, as well. Our trip beginning toward the end of October, 2016, was one such planned joint excursion with people we have traveled with before, and are planning to travel together again later next year.

Edificio Metrópolis

The particular couple with whom we met up in Madrid are Dolores and Earl Daniels of New Bern, North Carolina. And this trip would be a rather lengthy one — three nights in Madrid, Spain, followed by a high speed train to Barcelona. From Barcelona we would board a cruise ship for a transatlantic voyage aboard the Norwegian Epic to Miami, with stops along the way on Tenerife, Canary Islands; and San Juan, Puerto Rico; before disembarking in Port Canaveral, Florida.

Vincci the Mint

From Port Canaveral, Ursula and I were scheduled to part ways with Dolores and Earl, rent a car, head south to Miami, and the next day board another cruise ship, the Carnival Victory, for a quick cruise to Key West, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico. So, ever the next several weeks, you’re going to visually visit several destinations aboard two cruise ships from different cruise lines. In addition to the scenic sights, you’re also going to read my review of the two cruise lines we traveled on this back-to-back cruise experience. Who will win, Carnival or Norwegian? Hint: It wasn’t even close, and one of these cruise lines will most likely never see my business again.

Casino Gran Via

Most of the photos you see today were taken along the Gran Via in central Madrid. The Casino Gran Via you see pictured above was mere minutes from our lodgings on Calle de la Montera, in the Hotel Luis XV. If you’re looking for affordable accommodations in the heart of Madrid, mere moments from the most important and visually stunning architecture and sights, then Hotel Luis XV is definitely worth your consideration.

Gran Via

As you can tell from these morning photos, the nearby buildings are spectacular.

Along Calle del Clavel, one block south of Gran Via

Gran Via is a very upscale shopping street, and the buildings here are noted for their baroque features.

Vincci the Mint

But the side streets near Hotel Luis XV can also hold some charm:

Madrid graffiti

About a mile west on foot is the Buen Retiro Park, which also holds some really great photo opportunities. Here is the Monument to Alfonso XII:

Monument to Alfonso XII

Parks are also great places for people photography, as well:

Buen Retiro Park

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