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Interesting Aircraft — The ???

Last Friday I showed you an interesting aircraft that calls El Paso ‘home.”    That was the Super Guppy.

Here’s another.  Let’s see just how good your aircraft recognition is.

And the first person to correctly identify this aircraft will receive for their Kindle, Nook, or device using the free Kindle or Nook reading App, copies of my two murder mysteries Decisions and The Globe.

The Catch:  Exempted from this contest are current or former air traffic controllers (or other FAA employees) from either El Paso or Albuquerque (for obvious reasons, guys and gals).  Persons who already own these books are asked to pass on the prize (should they guess correctly) so that the second correct guesser may have the chance to enjoy them.  Persons too young to attend unaccompanied an R Rated motion picture will be ineligible to receive either book.  The winner is requested (but by no means required) to post reviews of both books on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Clues:  This is the only example ever made of this particular aircraft.  It was originally designed for the military, but later offered to the civilian market as a business jet.  Lockheed won the contract for which this aircraft was originally designed.  This prototype originally flew when Dwight Eisenhower was president.

Here you go (the registration number has been digitally removed to prevent cheating):

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We Have a Winner, and It’s . . .

. . . Jerry Maune.  Like the author of your favorite blog (I mean this one), Jerry is also a retired air traffic controller who served in both the military and the FAA.  Indeed, he started in the same branch of the military a mere five months after I did.  And, no, I do not know Jerry personally.  So, no collusion there.  He won fair and square using the same clues available to you all.

Jerry’s (correct) guess, by the way, was the famous Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.  Don’t bother looking it up, as I will give you the full low-down (as well as some more photographs) on Friday’s blog.

As for what clue or clues tipped it for Jerry, I don’t really know.  (Care to weigh in on that, Jerry?)

But when you take all the clues together you get:  Cerro Pedernal (Flint Hill in Spanish).  Georgia referred to the incomparable Georgia O’Keeffe.  Mentions of art were another O’Keeffe clue as to her chosen vocation.  The numerous mentions of paranormal, haunting, etc., led toward the name of this week’s destination, the “Ghost” in Ghost Ranch.  Oh, and that guy’s favorite salad dressing, the one who might have lived in that old, deserted ranch house?  Ranch dressing, of course.


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