Interesting Aircraft — The ???

Last Friday I showed you an interesting aircraft that calls El Paso ‘home.”    That was the Super Guppy.

Here’s another.  Let’s see just how good your aircraft recognition is.

And the first person to correctly identify this aircraft will receive for their Kindle, Nook, or device using the free Kindle or Nook reading App, copies of my two murder mysteries Decisions and The Globe.

The Catch:  Exempted from this contest are current or former air traffic controllers (or other FAA employees) from either El Paso or Albuquerque (for obvious reasons, guys and gals).  Persons who already own these books are asked to pass on the prize (should they guess correctly) so that the second correct guesser may have the chance to enjoy them.  Persons too young to attend unaccompanied an R Rated motion picture will be ineligible to receive either book.  The winner is requested (but by no means required) to post reviews of both books on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Clues:  This is the only example ever made of this particular aircraft.  It was originally designed for the military, but later offered to the civilian market as a business jet.  Lockheed won the contract for which this aircraft was originally designed.  This prototype originally flew when Dwight Eisenhower was president.

Here you go (the registration number has been digitally removed to prevent cheating):

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4 responses to “Interesting Aircraft — The ???

  1. David K. Williams

    Whatever it is, I bet it is a fast, gas-gizzler.

    • That would be a very safe bet. This aircraft has four Westinghouse J-34 engines rated at just under 3,000 lbs. of thrust each. At the time this aicraft first flew, that engine was already way beyond obsolete having been designed over a decade earlier.

  2. Doug, what you’ve got there is the McDonnell 119/220. A pretty bird, indeed!

    • And it appears we do indeed have a winner. Congratulations, Frank. I’ll be in touch shortly as to how to collect your prize.